Are you ready to learn salsa partner work?

Here are a few key things about level 2!

  • Dance with confidence!

    Once you've learned the basic step and the basic turns, now it's time to put these movements together with a partner! By the end of level 2, you'll have a working knowledge of one of the hottest and most addictive dances in the world. You should be able to go out to any salsa club and dance with confidence!

  • Your own time, your own pace!

    Has "adulting" gotten you down? Has your job or conflicting schedule prevented you from attending quality classes? Or do you live in the middle of nowhere? With Salsanerd, you learn at your own time, at your own pace! Salsanerd is 100% mobile friendly, so you decide when you want to practice!

  • Find a practice partner!

    Salsa is a SOCIAL dance! That means there's no better way of meeting new friends! Sign up for level 2, and find a partner interested in going through this course with you! Not only will you have practiced the material, you would have cultivated a memorable friendship as a result of practicing with another person!

What's inside level 2?

Click on the boxes and drag them left or right to see the videos included in each section!

What are you waiting for?

Learn one of the hottest partner dances from the comfort and convenience of your mobile device, anywhere in the world, at any time!

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