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  • Dance with confidence!

    In level 2, you learned how to partner with another person with basic movements. Now, it's time to introduce the 5 techniques that will make up the majority of your entire night out dancing. By studying, practicing, and repeating level 3 many times, you'll confidently be able to go to any salsa club in the world and get down and dirty!

  • Your own time, your own pace!

    Has "adulting" gotten you down? Has your job or conflicting schedule prevented you from attending quality classes? Or do you live in the middle of nowhere? With Salsanerd, you learn at your own time, at your own pace! Salsanerd is 100% mobile friendly, so you decide when and where you want to practice, and with whom!

  • Find a practice partner!

    If you're looking to purchase Salsanerd level 3, chances are you already have a practice partner. If not, then you should find a good partner to work with! By doing so, you'll be able to drill all the content hard and maximize your potential. Not only will you have practiced the material, you would have cultivated a memorable friendship as a result of practicing with another person!

What's inside level 3?

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