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Salsa "On 2" for Beginners! - Level 2

LEVEL 2 starts off where we stopped in level 1, introducing the cross body lead, 5 essential turns and drills, 3 turn combinations, and other essential elements, in a total of 17 lessons to give you the proper basics of partner dancing in salsa!


Salsa "On 2" for Absolute Beginners! - Level 1

The basic step is the most important step in your entire salsa dance. Learn this most important of dance steps through our complete salsa "on 2" guide for absolute beginners!


Salsa "On 2" Foundations (Intermediate Course) - Level 3

Learn the foundational movements to an intermediate level salsa nerd in our level 3! Here we break down the principle movements that open up the pathways towards greater dance proficiency in salsa.